Canada Wild Rye [Elymus canadensis]

Family: Poaceae (Grass Family)
Duration: perennial
Sun: Full Sun
Soil: Most soils
Water: Medium
Colour: Cream
Bloom Time: July/August
Planting Time:
Height: 4ft to 5ft
Locations: Grasslands; ravines; open woodlands; ditches
Benefits: Nesting material; seeds for birds and small mammals; readily consumed by livestock; attracts butterflies; larval host for Zabulon skipper butterfly; deer resistant
Seed saving:
Other notes: Benefits from relationships with symbiotic mycorrhizae and receives about 25% of its nutrients from them; benefits from 2 week cold-moist stratification; seed husks have barbed awns that can pose a serious threat of injury to dogs (can cause severe eye injuries); self-pollinator but can cross-pollinate with other strains; Fast growing.

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