John Greyson – Berlin Withdrawl Video
screenshot from Greyson's video that reads: "Why am I going to strike Germany" in white letters atop an overhead shot of waves crashing against a beach. A logo with large read letters sits on the bottom right reads: "STRIKE" and smaller green letters below read "Germany" which is crossed out.

In February 2024 Canadian filmmaker, video artist, writer, activist and educator John Greyson withdrew his new film Death Mask from the Berlinale film festival.

Greyson’s withdrawal is part of a larger action, Strike Germany:

STRIKE GERMANY is a call for international cultural workers to strike from German cultural institutions. It is a call to refuse German cultural institutions’ use of McCarthyist policies that suppress freedom of expression, specifically expressions of solidarity with Palestine.

STRIKE GERMANY withholds labour and presence from German cultural institutions. Until the demands below are met, participation will be withdrawn from festivals, panels, and exhibitions.

STRIKE GERMANY upholds a commitment to liberationist struggle and against Germany’s embargo on internationalist solidarity.

Watch Greyson’s video message of withdrawal here: