MONITOR 14: Drifting with the Summer Tides / Jordão, 2020

SAVAC is thrilled to announce the final program of films and screening details for MONITOR 14: Drifting with the Summer Tides curated by Rasha Salti. This edition of MONITOR asks the viewer to float and travel towards different realities and lived experiences that the artists and filmmakers find necessary to mediate and communicate. The program articulates along four movements, Billowing Tide, Wave Crest, Breaker Tide, and Ebbing Wave, featuring films by: Meera Devidayal, Gian Spina, Valerio Rocco Orlando, Jayce Salloum, Sponge Gourd, Mairead McClean, Karan Shrestha, Ghita Skali, Dalia Al-Kury, Pathompon Mont Tesprateep, Inas Halabi and Taiki Sakpisit.

For a deeper look into the program, we invite you to read Rasha Salti’s curatorial musings on the making of Drifting with the Summer Tides.

Jordão, 2020

Gian Spina, Brazil/Palestine/Jordan 25:01 minutes
Using satellite imagery, archival documents and contemporary footage of the River Jordan, Gian Spina’s short film reveals how the river has been perceived and represented throughout centuries, and how it has been instrumentalized in the invention of myths, religions, rituals and identities and served to perpetuate colonial imaginaries. Blending different voices that speak in various languages, stitching facts from ancient times and from the present, the film’s narrative structure draws a tribute to the river as a liquid monument.
Written, directed and edited by Gian Spina
Cinematography: Nuno Cassola
Sound: Pedro Santiago
Voice-over: Bayan Kiwan, Noor el-Abded, Gian Spina
Produced by Rodrigo Brum