Thanks for being part of this project!

help me customize your Natural Plant Community Toolkit by completing the survey below. please share some information about the location you have selected to plant your seeds.

Your kit will be available to pick up at Museum London later in the summer.

Will you be planting your seeds in the London region?(Required)
what is your proximity to urban spaces? to rural?
what sort of colours do you think will do the best to enhance your planting location? select as many as you like.(Required)
how fragrant of flowers do you think your location would benefit from having?
which best describes the overall location where you plan to plant your seeds?(Required)
what sort of light does your location have? (remember our primary plants prefer sun, so at least part of your location should be able to offer a good dose of sunlight)(Required)
what are the water conditions of your location?(Required)
what kind of soil does your location have?(Required)
does your location have room for taller plants?(Required)