Queer Cinema for Palestine
Queer Cinema for Palestine's logo - a teal film reel with colourful spokes above the text: "Queer Cinema for Palestine - Filmmakers and film artists supporting Palestinian rights"

Queer Cinema for Palestine is:

A pledge. More than 200 queer filmmakers have pledged not to screen at the pinkwashing, Israeli government-sponsored TLVFest, in response to calls from Palestin­ian queers.

A global event. Queer Cinema for Palestine started as a film festival in 2021 as a solidarity initiative offering artists and arts groups around the world a vibrant space to stand together, using our art to oppose the ongoing violence of Israeli occupation and apartheid against Indigenous Palestinians. In 2023, Queer Cinema for Palestine will host “No Pride in Genocide,” in solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza and across all of historic Palestine and denouncing Israel’s genocidal attacks and ethnic cleansing against millions of Palestinians.

Sign the pledge here: https://queercinemaforpalestine.org/the-pledge/